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DeliverNow UK

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Project Details

Client: South Africa, UK

Availability: iOS, Android, Web-based Portal

Technology : RectNative, ReactJS, Node JS,Laravel

Languages:  English

The DeliverNow UK is a market disrupter within the food, consumables, and brown goods delivery space,

The DeliverNow UK enables your business to no longer having to pay a percentage of the order to the industry aggregator for order fulfillment, allowing you as the business owner to retain greater profits/margins. The only cost your business absorbs is a simple, small, monthly software license fee and a nominal fee per delivery allowing you to retain all your profits

Version 2 of DeliverNow UK will include:

  1. POS
  2. Driver App
  3. Customer APP
  4. Kitchen APP
  5. Multiple Businesses for Single Business Owner
  6. Single Centralized Server for all Business
  7. Multiple Kind of Delivery Businesses